Defining Action Scope for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Pages

When developing pages for Dynamics NAV that include a repeater control, it is useful to be able to define whether the actions available on a page apply to the whole page or are related to the repeater control on the page.

The purpose of the Scope property is to enable developers to add row-specific actions to the shortcut menu which is available to the user on each line. This gives users a more direct way to invoke actions that relate to the selected row or line.

This is the case when you have, for example, Line Comments which are related to a line, but appear in the ribbon. You can specify the scope of the action by setting the Scope property on the page action to be either Page or Repeater.


It is strongly recommended that the Scope property is always appropriately set when developing pages for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Universal App.

For more information on how the settings are interpreted on the various clients, see Scope Property.

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