DELETELINK Function (RecordRef)

Deletes a specified link from a record in a table.




Type: Integer

The ID of the link you want to delete.


When you add a link to a page or a table, an entry is created in the Record Link system table. Each entry is given an ID. This ID is specified as a parameter in the DELETELINK function.


The following example deletes a link from a customer record in the Customer table. The code starts by opening table 18 (Customer) as a RecordRef variable that is named CustomerRecref. The FIELD Function (RecordRef) creates a FieldRef variable that is named MyFieldRef for the first field in the table (No.). MyFieldRef.VALUE selects record 01121212 from the No. field. This record is initialized in the CustomerNum variable. The FIND Function (RecordRef) searches for record 01121212. If the record is found, the DELETELINK function deletes the link that is specified in the varLinkid variable. A message that states that the link is deleted is displayed in a message box. You can verify that the link is deleted in the Links FactBox on the Customer List or Customer Card pages. This example requires that you create the following variables and text constants in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType
CustomerNum Integer
varLinkid Integer
CustomerRecref RecordRef
MyFieldRef FieldRef
Text constant name DataType ENU value
Text000 Text The link with id %1 is deleted.
Text001 Text The customer cannot be found.

CustomerNum := '01121212';  
varLinkid := 21;  
MyFieldRef := CustomerRecref.FIELD(1);  
MyFieldRef.VALUE := CustomerNum;  
IF CustomerRecref.FIND('=') THEN BEGIN  
  MESSAGE(Text000, varLinkid);  

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