Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV Using the Example Scripts

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Provisioning Tools for Microsoft Azure include two Windows PowerShell scripts, Example-1VM.ps1 and Example-2VM.ps1, which you can run to automatically deploy Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure virtual machines. The scripts deploy Dynamics NAV in two different network configurations as described in following sections. The scripts create the required Azure virtual machines, based on a specified image, and then install and configure the Dynamics NAV components, including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Server components, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, and Dynamics NAV database components for SQL Server, including the application database. After the scripts are run, you will have a fully functional end-to-end Dynamics NAV environment that enables users to access Dynamics NAV data from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.


The Example-1VM.ps1 and Example-2VM.ps1 scripts are located in the \WindowsPowerShellScripts\Cloud\HowTo folder on the Dynamics NAV installation media (DVD).

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