List Data Type

The List data type represents a strongly typed list of values that can be assessed by index.


The List can only be used with simple types i.e. you can have a List of [Integer] but cannot have a List of [Blob].


In the following example, the variable CustomerNames is a list of Text values which represent customer names. The procedure WorkWithListOfCustomers displays how one would work with the List data type. The Add method is used to add the string 'John' to the CustomerNames list. The Contains method is used to check whether the list contains the specified value, in this case, the string 'John'. We continue by using the Message procedure to display a relevant message.

procedure WorkWithListOfCustomers();
    customerNames : List of [Text];
    // Adding an element to the list

    // Checking if the list contains an element
    if customerNames.Contains(John) then
        Message('John is in the list')
        Message('John is not in the list')

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