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ISEMPTY Method (RecordRef)

Determines whether any records exist in a filtered set of records in a table.


Empty := RecordRef.ISEMPTY  


Type: RecordRef

The RecordRef of a record that refers to a table (possibly with filters).

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Boolean

True if the record or table is empty; otherwise, false.


If you have not applied filters to the record, this method determines whether the table is empty. If you have applied filters, the method determines whether the filtered set of records is empty.

The number of filters that you have applied to the records affects the speed of the ISEMPTY method. The fewer the number of filters, the faster the operation is performed.

When you are using SQL Server, this method is faster than using the COUNT Method (Record) and then testing the result for zero.

This method works the same as the ISEMPTY Method (Record).


The following example opens table 18, the customer table as a RecordRef variable that is named. CustomerRecref. The ISEMPTY Method (RECORDREF) determines whether the table is empty. The message box displays No because the Customer table is not empty. No represents false. This example requires that you create the following global variable and text constant.

Variable name DataType
CustomerRecref RecordRef
Text constant ENU value
Text000 Is the table empty? %1.

IsEmpty := CustomerRecref.ISEMPTY;  
MESSAGE(Text000, IsEmpty);  

If you open table 78 (Printer Selection), the message will display Yes because the table is empty.

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