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RANDOM Method (Integer)

Returns a pseudo-random number.


Number := RANDOM(MaxNumber)  


Type: Integer

The largest acceptable number. In effect, you are setting a range from one (1) to the number that you specify with the MaxNumber parameter.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Integer

A pseudo-random number between one (1) and the number that you entered for MaxNumber.


If MaxNumber is negative it acts as a positive.

If MaxNumber is zero, this method always returns 1.

A number is always chosen from the same set of numbers. Use RANDOMIZE Method (Integer) to generate a new set of numbers.


This example shows how to generate a pseudo-random number. This example requires that you create the following global variables and text constant. The value of the variable Number2 is positive though the value of MaxNumber is negative and the value of the variable Number3 is always 1 because MaxNumber is 0.

Variable name DataType
x Integer
y Integer
z Integer
Number1 Integer
Number2 Integer
Number3 Integer
Text constant name ENU Value
Text000 Number1 = %1, Number2 = %2, Number3 = %3

x := 100; // x is assigned a positive value.  
y := -100; // y is assigned a negative value.  
z := 0; // z is assigned zero.  
Number1 := RANDOM(x);  
Number2 := RANDOM(y);  
Number3 := RANDOM(z);  
MESSAGE(Text000, Number1, Number2, Number3);  

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