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RELATION Method (FieldRef)

Finds the table relationship of a given field.


TableNumber := FieldRef.RELATION  


Type: FieldRef

The FieldRef that refers to the field for which you want to find the table relationship.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Integer

The number of the table that has a relationship with the field referred to by FieldRef.

This relationship is set up through the properties.


You can use this method for several purposes such as to determine lookups or to check to see if you have permission to read from a table.

This method is similar to the RELATION Method (Record) method.


The following example opens table 37, the Sales Line table, as a RecordRef variable and creates a reference to field 2 (Sell-to Customer No.). The FieldRef Data Type of field 2 is stored in the MyFieldRef variable. The RELATION method retrieves the number of the table that has a relation with the Sell-To-Customer field (field 2). The table number is stored the varRelation variable and displayed in the message box. This example requires that you create the following global variables and text constants.

Variable name DataType
SaleRecref RecordRef
MyFieldRef FieldRef
varRelation Integer
Text constant ENU value
Text000 Field 2 in the Sales Line (37) table has a relation with table %1.

MyFieldRef := SaleRecref.FIELD(2);  
varRelation := MyFieldRef.RELATION;  
MESSAGE(Text000, varRelation);  

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