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TestPage Methods

You can use the TestPage methods for the following purposes.

To do the following Use these methods
Open and close test pages. - OPENEDIT Method (TestPage)
- OPENNEW Method (TestPage)
- OPENVIEW Method (TestPage)
- CLOSE Method (TestPage)
- TRAP Method (TestPage)
Navigate among records to display on the test page. - FIRST Method (TestPage)
- LAST Method (TestPage)
- NEXT Method (TestPage)
- PREVIOUS Method (TestPage)
- GOTOKEY Method (TestPage)
- GOTORECORD Method (TestPage)
Navigate among fields on the test page. - FINDFIRSTFIELD Method (TestPage)
- FINDNEXTFIELD Method (TestPage)
- GETFIELD Method (TestPage)
Expand and collapse rows on a test page. EXPAND Method (TestPage)
Create a new record from a test page. NEW Method (TestPage)
Get the options and option count for an option field. - GETOPTION Method (TestPage Field)
- OPTIONCOUNT Method (TestPage Field)
Get validation errors and error counts. - GETVALIDATIONERROR Method (TestPage, TestPage Field)
- VALIDATIONERRORCOUNT Method (TestPage, TestPage Field)

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