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CharAllowed Property

Sets the range of characters the user can enter into this field or control.

Applies To

  • Page Fields

  • Table Fields


If you want users to only enter uppercase letters in this field, enter AZ. This ensures that only uppercase characters in the range of A-Z are accepted. If you want both uppercase and lowercase characters, leave this value blank.

You can specify multiple ranges of characters by entering the parameters in pairs. For example, a value of admpzz indicates that only the following characters are accepted: a, b, c, d, m, n, o, p, and z. If you only want to allow a single character, then enter that character twice to specify a starting and ending range.

The setting for the field is checked during validation. Validation occurs only if the field or control value is updated through the UI, for example, if a value is updated on a page or if a field is updated in a table directly. If a field is updated through application code, then the CharAllowed property is not validated.

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