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DataItemLinkType Property

Sets the data item link type between data items in a query to determine the records that are included in the resulting dataset.

Applies To

  • Query data items

Property Value

The DataItemLinkType property has the following values.

Value Description
Use Default Values If No Match The resulting dataset contains all the records from the upper data item or data items; even if a record does not have a matching value in the linked field of lower data item as specified by the DataItemLink Property (Query).
Exclude Row If No Match The resulting dataset contains only records from data item tables that have matching values for the fields that are linked by the DataItemLink property.
SQL Advanced Options Provide alternatives to Use Default Values If No Match and Exclude Row If No Match for generating a dataset that correspond to joins in SQL SELECT statements. When you set the property to SQL Advanced Options, the SQLJoinType Property appears where you can select the SQL join types.


When setting up a data item link between two data items, you always set up the DataItemLinkType property on the lower data item in Query Designer.

The DataItemLinkType property works together with the DataItemLinkType property to combine records from tables into a dataset. The DataItemLink property sets up "equal to" (=) comparison between two or more fields of the data item tables. When the query is run, the query compares each row of the two data items to find records that have matching values for the fields. Records that have matching field values are combined into a row in the resulting dataset. In some cases, there will be records that do not have matching values. You use the DataItemLinkType Property to include records that do not have matching field values.


If the DataItemLinkType property is set to SQL Advanced Options and the SQLJoinType Property is set to Cross Join, then you cannot set the DataItemLink property because there is no relationship between table fields.

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