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ToolTipML Property

Sets the text used for the tooltip of an action, a field, a factbox, or an activity button.

In the client, tooltips appear when you point to caption of the control.


The support for using the ML properties, such as CaptionML and TooltipML, is being deprecated, so it is recommended to refactor your extension to use the corresponding Caption or Tooltip property, which is being picked up in the .xliff file. For more information, see Working with Translation Files.

Applies To

  • Actions in the ribbon

  • Fields on pages


    List page field tooltips are only shown in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet client.

  • Factboxes

  • Activity buttons


    Activity button tooltips are only shown in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.

  • ActionContainers


    ActionContainers tooltips are only shown on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client for the subtype HomeItems.


ToolTipML is multilanguage enabled. This means that it can contain a list of strings for use by different languages. The text that is used is selected according to the user's current language setting. For more information, see Multilanguage Development.

The ToolTipML property value has the following format.

<Language ID>=<tooltip>  

is a Windows standard three-letter language ID and is the caption text for this language. Semicolons are used to separate entries.

In the following example, values are set for Danish (DAN) and English (ENG).

DAN=Dette felt indeholder kundens navn;ENG=This field contains the customer name  

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