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OnQueryClosePage Trigger

Executed as a page closes and before the OnClosePage Trigger executes.


[Ok]:= OnQueryClosePage(CloseAction)  



(Action) The CloseAction chosen by the user; usually OK or Cancel.

Return Value

Type: Boolean

True to close the page; otherwise false. This value is checked after each call.

Applies To

  • Pages


The trigger is only invoked when the page is hosted in a modal popup window (MPO).


If the page that is closing and all its child pages return true in the OnQueryClosePage trigger, then the OnClosePage Trigger is called for all child pages and then for the parent page.

If an error occurs in the OnQueryClosePage trigger or it returns false, then the page is not closed.

When the OnQueryClosePage trigger is called on a subpage, the CloseAction parameter is set to the same value as the parent page.

You can use this trigger to write to the database.

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