cashFlowStatement resource type

Represents an cashFlowStatement object in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Dynamics NAV see Enabling the APIs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Method Return Type Description
GET cashFlowStatement cashFlowStatement Get a cashFlowStatement object.


Property Type Description
lineNumber numeric The cashFlowStatement item line number.
display string The cashFlowStatement item display name.
netChange numeric The cashFlowStatement item Net Change.
lineType string The cashFlowStatement item line type can be: header, detail, total, or spacer.
indentation numeric The cashFlowStatement item indentation used in report layout.
dateFilter date The date filter used to calculate the cashFlowStatement items.



JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

    "lineNumber": "int",
    "display": "string",
    "netChange": "decimal",
    "lineType": "string",
    "indentation": "int",
    "dateFilter": "date"

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