FINDLAST Function (RecordRef)

Finds the last record in a table based on the current key and filter.


[Ok :=] RecordRef.FINDLAST  


Type: RecordRef

The RecordRef that refers to the table in which you want to find the last record.

If the record is found, it is returned in RecordRef and any FlowFields in the record are set to zero. You must update any FlowFields using CALCFIELDS Function (Record).

If the record is not found and if you omitted the return value, a run-time error occurs.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Boolean

true if the record was found; otherwise, false.

If you omit this optional return value and if the record cannot be found, a run-time error occurs. If you include a return value, it is assumed that you will handle any errors.


You should use this function instead of FIND('+') when you need only the last record.

You should use this function only when you explicitly want to find the last record in a table or set. Do not use this function in combination with REPEAT..UNTIL.


The following example opens the Item table (27) as a RecordRef variable that is named ItemRecref. The FINDLAST function searches for the last record in the table. If the record is found, the description and unit price of the item in the record are displayed in a message box. Otherwise, a message that indicates that the last item was not found is displayed. This example requires that you create the following variable and text constant in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType
ItemRecref RecordRef
Text constant name DataType ENU value
Text000 Text The last item is %1 and the unit price is %2.
Text001 Text The last item was not found.

  MESSAGE(Text000, ItemRecref.FIELD(3),  ItemRecref.FIELD(18))  

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