SEND Function (Notification)

Sends the notification to the client, where it will display in the UI.

[Ok := ]SEND

Return Value


Type: Code or text

true if the notification was sent; otherwise, false.

If you omit this optional return value and if the notification cannot be sent, then a run-time error occurs that states that the notification cannot be sent. If you include a return value, then it is assumed that you will handle any errors and no run-time error occurs, even though the notification is not sent.


The SEND function displays the content of the notification that is specified by the MESSAGE function.

For more information and a detailed example, see Notifications.


The following code creates a notification and sends it to the client in the local scope.

MyNotification.MESSAGE := 'This is a notification';
MyNotification.SCOPE := NOTIFICATIONSCOPE::LocalScope;

See Also

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