GETFIELD Function (TestPage)

Gets a field on a test page.


[Field] := TestPage.GETFIELD(Id)  


Type: TestPage

The test page for which you want to get a field.

Type: Integer

The ID of the field that you want to get. This ID is from Page Designer.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: TestField

The field on the test page.

You cannot declare a variable of type TestField. Instead, you use the Value property and assign the value of the field to a variable.


To find the ID of a field, in Page Designer, select the field, and then on the View menu, choose Properties.

You can use this function if you have a function or a property on a test page with the same name as a field on the page. If you use the <TestPage>.<Field> notation but the Field name is also a function name, then the function takes precedence. To access the field, use the GETFIELD function.


This example requires that you create the following variables and text constants.

Variable name DataType Subtype Length
CustomerCard TestPage Customer Card Not applicable
AddressField Text Not applicable 200
Text constant ENU value
Text001 612 South Sunset Drive
AddressField := CustomerCard.GETFIELD(6).Value;  
IF AddressField <> Text001 THEN  
  ERROR('Incorrect address');  

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