Removing Elements from User Interface According to Application Area

You can develop your application so that certain user interface elements do not appear in the client based on the application area to which they belong. These elements include page fields and actions, report request page fields, and Department items.

The full implementation of the application areas includes the following procedures.

Define Application Areas

Application areas are defined in table 9178 Application Areas. Currently there are several predefined areas, including Basic, Suite, Relationship Mgmt., Jobs, and Fixed Assets.

Tag Controls with Application Areas

You use the property to assign one or more application areas to the controls. For more information, see ApplicationArea Property.

The following controls include the ApplicationArea property:

  1. Field control on pages.

  2. Action control on pages

  3. Field control on report request pages.

  4. Items control in a MenuSuites.

Activate Application Areas

To activate the application areas, you use the (APPLICATIONAREA-Function)APPLICATIONAREA function in C/AL. The function specifies which application areas to active for the current session.

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