How to Add Fields to a Table in Dynamics NAV

Designing a field means assigning a number of characteristics to it. These characteristics depend on what you intend to use the field for. After you have added fields to a table in Table Designer, you must save the table before you can add any records. After you have saved a table, it appears in the list of tables in Object Designer.

All the tables and fields that you create have two forms of identification:

  • A unique identification number (integer). When you access your database, this number uniquely identifies all the tables and fields.

  • A name (an alphanumeric string) that serves as a label (such as CUSTOMER or CITY).

    This name appears when you run the table and should be meaningful and easily understood. This name is secondary information and can be changed at any time.

To add a field to a table

  1. On the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.

    Object Designer opens.

  2. Choose Table and then choose New.

    Table Designer opens.

  3. In the first empty row, enter a Field Name and a Field No. Enter a Data type and appropriate Length. Description is optional.

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