Creating a Table Relationship

Table relationships are defined using the TableRelation Property. This property allows you to define both simple and advanced table relationships. A typical simple table relationship consists of a table name and an optional field name. An advanced table relationship might additionally contain conditions and filters.

To create a table relationship

  1. Open Object Designer and choose Table to see a list of the tables.

  2. Select a table and then choose Design.

    The table opens in Table Designer.

  3. Select the field for which you want to create a relationship and view the Properties window.

  4. Set the TableRelation property value by using the following steps:

    1. In the TableRelation property value, choose the AssistEdit button.

      The Table Relation window opens.

    2. Choose the AssistEdit in the Table cell, select a table, and then choose OK.

    3. Choose the AssistEdit in the Field cell, select a field, and then choose OK.

    4. Set the Condition or Filter fields, as needed.

    5. Choose OK.

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