Customize Data Displayed in a Drop-Down Control Using Field Groups

In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, some fields are enabled with filter-as-you-type functionality. When you type text into these fields, a drop-down control appears that displays data from a source table. For example, in the sell-to-customer-no field on the Sales Orders page, records from the Customer table are displayed when you use this control.

If you do not define any field groups for the drop-down control, by default you only see data from two fields in the source table; the primary key and description fields, as these are indexed automatically.

To specify which fields are displayed in the drop-down control, you must use field groups. If you select the appropriate fields in the field groups table, you can help users to quickly find the data they need, without scrolling through multiple records. For example, if you define field groups on the Items table you can help the order processor to create new customer orders more easily. On the Sales Order card page, she can find specific items for the order, such as 2-inch nails, by using filter-as-you-type, and the drop-down control linked to the Items table. This could be very useful when creating a new customer order over the telephone.

Adding Fields to the Field Groups Table

You can add or remove field groups from the Field groups table, using Table Designer.

To add fields to the field groups table

  1. In the development environment, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer to open the Object Designer window.

  2. In Object Designer, choose Tables, select a table, and then choose the Design button to open Table Designer. For example, select table 18, the Customer table.

  3. To open the Field Groups table, select any row, choose View, and then choose Field Groups.

  4. Select the first row in the Field Groups table, and in the Name field, type DropDown.

  5. In the Groups field, choose the AssistButton to open the Field List table.

  6. In the Field List table, make a selection from the fields in the source table. If you want to select more than one row, select a row, and then use the Shift key to select multiple rows. Choose the OK button to add the fields to the Field Groups table.

  7. Close the Field List table, and the Field Groups table. Choose Save and Compile.

  8. Run the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client to view your changes.

    For example, open the Edit Sales Order card page 1003, and then choose Sell-to Customer No. The fields that you added to the Customer table, using field groups, are now displayed in the drop-down control for that field.

    Follow the same procedure to remove fields, or to change the order of fields displayed in the drop-down control.

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