How to: View and Sort Table Data

Usually, you use a page to view the data in a table, but you can also view the data directly by running the table from Object Designer.

To view table data without using a page

  1. Open Object Designer and select the table to view.

  2. Choose Run.

    The table data is displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

Changing Table Sort Order

Table data is displayed in the sort order defined by the current key. If more than one key is defined for the table, you can switch between keys to change the sort order.

To view table data with a different sort order

  1. Open Object Designer, choose Table and then select the table that you want to view.

  2. Choose Run to open the table in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

  3. In the drop-down list next to Sorting, select the key by which you want to sort. By default, the current key is selected.

  4. Choose the sort order arrow and select Sort ascending or Sort descending to select a sort order.

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