IncludeCaption Property

Sets whether to include the caption of a field in the dataset of a report.

Applies To

Columns on client report definition (RDLC) report datasets.

Property Value

Yes if the caption is included in the dataset; otherwise No. The default value is No.


In Visual Studio Report Designer, if you want to use the Caption or CaptionML values of a field as a label on a report layout, then you must include the caption in the dataset. You design the dataset by using Report Dataset Designer. When you add table fields to the dataset with Report Dataset Designer, you can set the IncludeCaption property to Yes to specify that the caption for the field is also added to the dataset. If you do not include the caption in the dataset, then in a multilanguage application, you cannot use the multilanguage captions as labels in the report.

You can set the IncludeCaption property either in the Properties window of a data item or in the IncludeCaption column of Report Dataset Designer for a data item or a column. If you set the IncludeCaption column of a data item, then the IncludeCaption property is set to Yes for every child column of the data item.

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