INSERT Function (MediaSet)

Adds a media object that already exists in the database to a MediaSet of a record.


[Ok := ]Record.MediaSetField.INSERT(MediaID)  


Type: Record

Specifies the record that includes the MediaSet to which you want to add the media object.

Type: MediaSet

Specifies the field of the record that is used for the MediaSet. This field must have the MediaSet data type.

Type: GUID

Specifies the unique ID that is assigned to the media object that you want to insert.

Existing media objects are stored in the system table 2000000184 Tenant Media of the application database. There are different ways of obtaining the GUID of a media object. You could identify the media object ID by looking in the table. Or programmatically, you can use either the Item Function on a MediaSet data type field of a record or the MEDIAID Function on Media data type field of a record.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Boolean

true if the media is successfully added to the MediaSet; otherwise, false.


When media object is inserted in a MediaSet, it is assigned in index number. For more information, see Indexing of media objects in a media set.


This example uses the Insert function and Item Function (MediaSet) to take a media object that is already in the database and assigned to a record in a table (TableA), and add it to the MediaSet of a record in another table (TableB). This example assumes the following:

  • TableA and TableB already exist
  • Each table has a MediaSet data type field called Images
  • Each table contains the record number '1000'.
  • There is at least 1 media object in the MediaSet of record 1000 in TableA.

This code example requires you to create the following variables:

Variable name DataType Subtype
recA Record TableA
recB Record TableB
mediaId GUID (not applicable)

This code example requires you to create the following text constants:

Text constant ENU value
Text000 Media %1 was added to MediaSet %2.
Text001 The media was not added to MediaSet %1.


// Retrieves the GUID of the first media object (index number 1) in the MediaSet of record 1000 in TableA
MediaId := recA.Images.Item(1);

// Adds media object to the MediaSet of record 1000 in TableB based on the media object GUID
IF recB.Images.INSERT(mediaId) THEN
    MESSAGE (Text000, mediaId, recB.Images.MEDIAID);
   MESSAGE (Text001);

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