ITEM Function (MediaSet)

Gets the unique identifier (GUID) of a media object that is assigned to a MediaSet on a record.


[mediaId := ]Record.MediaSetField.ITEM(Index)  


Type: Record

Specifies the record that includes the MediaSet.

Type: MediaSet

Specifies the field of the record that is used for the MediaSet that contains the media object. This field must have the MediaSet data type.

Type: Integer

Specifies the index number that is assigned to the media object in the MediaSet.

For more information about indexes, see Indexing of media objects in a media set.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: GUID

Specifies the unique identifier (GUID) of the media object.

Media objects are stored in the system table 2000000184 Tenant Media of the application database.


For an example of using the ITEM function, see the example.

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