MEDIAID Function (MediaSet)

Gets the unique identifier that is assigned to a MediaSet of a record. The MediaSet is a collection of media objects that are used on the record that can be displayed in the client.


Guid := Record.MediaSetField.MEDIAID  


Type: Record

Specifies the record that includes the MediaSet.

Type: MediaSet

Specifies the field that includes the media. This field must have the MediaSet data type.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: GUID

The GUID of MediaSet on the record.


When you import media on a table record by using either the IMPORTFILE Function (MediaSet) or IMPORTSTREAM Function (MediaSet), the media is assigned to a MediaSet GUID in the system table 2000000183 Tenant Media Set of the application database. You can use the MEDIAID function to retrieve the MediaSet GUID. Note that the imported media object is also assigned a GUID. To get the media object's GUID, you can use the MEDIAID Function (Media).


This example is gets the GUID of the MediaSet that is used on item No. 1000 in the Item table. The field in the Item table that is used for the MediaSet data type is Picture.

This code requires you to create the following variables.

Variable name DataType Subtype
item Record Item
mediasetId GUID

This code requires you to create the following text constant.

Text constant ENU value
Text000 The GUID of the MediaSet is: %1
    mediasetId := item.Picture.MEDIAID;  
    MESSAGE(Text000, mediasetId);  

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