OnNewRecord Trigger

Executed after a new record is initialized, but before users can make entries.



Return Value

(Boolean) This return value indicates whether the new record was inserted after the last record in the table (xRec). If false, the record was inserted between an existing record and the last record. If true, the record was inserted below the last record in the table (xRec).

Applies To



Use this trigger to initialize a new record or other variables on the page.

If an error occurs in the trigger code a popup dialog shows an error message. When the dialog is closed, the user can enter new data.


For pages of the type Card, List, ListPlus, Document, or Worksheet, the OnNewRecord trigger is called more than once if the page is opened in the edit mode and does not have any records to display. If the page is opened in the view mode or displays a record, the trigger is called only once.


The OnNewRecord trigger does not support calls to control add-in methods and properties because the trigger is invoked before the page is instantiated. For more information see, Exposing Methods and Properties in a Windows Client Control Add-in.

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