Page Metadata Virtual Table

The Page Metadata virtual table (ID 2000000138) contains data about the pages in database. The following table describes the fields in the Page Metadata virtual table.

Field Description
ID The ID for the page object.
Name Specifies the name of the page object.
Caption Specifies the caption of the page in the language that has been selected.
Editable Specifies whether the page can be edited through the UI.
PageType Specifies the page type as either Card, List, RoleCenter, CardPart, ListPart, Document, Worksheet, ListPlus, ConfirmationDialog, NavigatePage, or StandardDialog.
CardPageID Specifies the ID of the Card type page that is associated with items in the page. This is typically used when the page is a List, ListPart or ListPlus page type.
DataCaptionExpr Specifies a C/AL expression that is evaluated and displayed to the left of the page caption.
RefreshOnActivate Specifies whether data on the page is automatically refreshed if you leave the page (without closing it), and then return.
SourceTable Specifies the ID of the table from which this page will display records.
SourceTableView Specifies the key, sort order, and filter you want to use to determine the view of the source table presented to the user.
InsertAllowed Specifies whether users can add records while they are using a page.
ModifiedAllowed Specifies whether users can modify records while they are using this page.
DeleteAllowed Specifies whether users can delete records while they are using the page.
DelayedInsert Specifies whether a user must leave a record before it is inserted into the database.
ShowFilter Specifies whether the filter pane is shown on a page by default.
MultipleNewLines Specifies whether users can add multiple new lines between records.
SaveValues Specifies whether user-specific control values are saved for this page.
AutoSplit Specifies whether a key is automatically created for a new record positioned between the current record and the previous record.
DataCaptionFields Specifies the fields that appear to the left of the caption on pages.
SourceTableTemporary Specifies whether the source table is a temporary table.
LinksAllowed Specifies whether links or notes are allowed on the page.
PopulateAllFields Specifies whether fields are filled out automatically with a single filter value when a new record is inserted in a table.

The fields in the virtual table correspond to C/AL properties on the page objects. For more information, see Page Properties.

To access and view the Page Metadata virtual table, you must create a tabular-type page. For more information, see How to: Create a Page to View a Virtual Table

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