Planning and Preparing

This section contains information and instructions to address before you start to use the provisioning tools to deploy Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure or other cloud services and virtual machines.

Determine the Network Topology and Configuration

You can deploy Dynamics NAV in different network topologies. You can deploy to a single virtual machine, where all Dynamics NAV components are installed. Or, you can deploy on two virtual machines, where Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Server components and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server are on one machine and SQL Server and the Dynamics NAV database components are on the other.

For more information, see Network Topologies for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Azure.

Prepare the provisioning environment

To prepare for deployment, you must prepare the Azure subscription and the computer that you will use to provision Dynamics NAV on Azure.

For more information, see Preparing for Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure.

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