TableSeparator Property

Specifies the table separator for a table.

Applies To

  • XMLports

Property Value

Value Description
<None> There is no table separator.
<NewLine> Any combination of CR and LF characters.
<CR/LF> CR followed by LF.
<CR> CR alone.
<LF> LF alone.
<TAB> Tabulator alone.
Other strings The literal string entered.


This property specifies how tables should be separated. The default value is a new line (<NewLine>). TableSeparator property is only used if the Format Property is set to Variable Text or Fixed Text. Otherwise, the setting is ignored.

You can set the table separator in C/AL code so that the XMLport can import and export tables with different separators. For example, if your XMLport must import from a file or stream where one table uses a single NewLine elements and another uses two NewLine elements, you can change the table separator at run time.

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