Test Pages

You can use test pages to mimic actual pages so that you can test the code the page. There are two types of test pages:

  • TestPage

  • TestRequestPage

You use the TestPage Functions to:

  • Open and close test pages.

  • Navigate among records to display on the test page.

  • Navigate among fields on the test page.

  • Expand and collapse rows on a test page.

  • Create a new record from a test page.

  • Get the options and option count for an option field.

  • Get validation errors and error counts.

You use the TestPage Field Functions to:

  • Set the focus on a specific field.

  • Set the value of a field.

  • Compare the value of a field.

  • Simulate the drop-down arrow, drill-down, and lookup buttons on a field.

    You use the TestPage Filter Functions to set filter parameters, such as current key, and direction to display the results, such as ascending or descending.

    You use the TestPage Action Functions to invoke an action on a page. This includes both actions that you define in Page Designer and built-in actions, such as Yes, No, OK, and Cancel.

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