TODAY Function (Date)

Gets the current date that is used by the client.


Date := TODAY  

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Date

The current date.


The date that is returned is different for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client. For the Windows client, TODAY returns the current day of the computer that is running the client, as determined by the date and time settings of the operating system. For the Web client, the day is determined by the Regional Setting that is set in the client. The very first time you sign-in using the Web client, the system automatically determines the Regional Setting based on your browser/computer.

You can only use the TODAY function to retrieve the current date from the operating system. You cannot use it to set the date in the operating system.


This example shows how to use the TODAY function. This example requires that you create the following text constant in the C/AL Globals window.

Name ConstValue
Text000 The current date is: %1
MESSAGE(Text000, TODAY);  

The message window could display the following:

The current date is: 05/27/08

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