Column Filter

Sets a filter on the Column row of a query.

To open this window, open Query Designer, and then select a column in the designer. On the View menu, choose Properties, locate the ColumnFilter property, and then choose the AssistEdit button in the Value field. For more information about how to open Query Designer, see Query Designer.


The filter on a Column row is similar to a filter on a data item except that the filter of a Column row can be programmatically overwritten by calling the SETFILTER Function (Query) and SETRANGE Function (Query) from C/AL code.


Field Description
Column The column on which to set the filter.
Type The type of filter that you want to set. Set this field to CONST if you want to filter on constant value. Set the field to FILTER if you want to set a filter that is based on an expression.
Value The constant value or the filter expression you want to set for Type.