Report Dataset Designer

Designs the dataset of a report.

To open this window, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer, choose Report, and then choose the Design button. You can choose the New button instead of the Design button to design a new report.


Field Description
Expanded Expands and collapses all indented hierarchy. This includes child data items and columns.
Data Type Specifies either DataItem or Column. A data item is a table. A column can be:

- A field in a table.
- A variable.
- An expression.
- A TextConstant that could represent a caption that is not related to a specific table.
Data Source Specifies the source of the DataItem or Column. For example, specify the table for a DataItem, or specify a field, variable, expression, or text for a Column. On a DataItem row, either enter the table name or table number or use the up arrow to select a table from the Object List window. On a Column row, either enter a value or choose the AssistEdit button or use the Field Menu to select a field, variable, or text constant from the C/AL Symbol Menu.
Name Specifies a name that complies with the Common Language Specification (CLS). For more information, see the "Naming" section in Common Language Specification in the MSDN Library.
Include Caption Includes the caption of a field in the dataset when the check box of a Column data type is selected. For more information about how to include captions, see IncludeCaption Property.

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