Group Properties

Groups menu items in a department. A group is a folder that you use to group related menu items. You group menu items to make them easier to access in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. A group folder is displayed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client as a submenu in the department. You can create a group folder inside another group folder. The group folder that is inside another group folder is a submenu.

To open this window, open Navigation Pane Designer, choose a department, right-click the area where you want to group the items, and then choose Create Group. For more information about how to open Navigation Pane Designer, see Navigation Pane Designer.


The following table describes the properties that can be set in the Group Properties window.

Property Description
Caption The caption of the group folder that you want to create.
CaptionML The string that is used to identify the menu in the user interface. The CaptionML Property is multilanguage enabled. Therefore, it can contain a list of text strings in different languages. The string that is used is selected according to the language settings on your computer.
Department Page Indicates whether a group folder should be displayed on the department page in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. If this property is set to true, the group folder is displayed on the department page. Otherwise, the group folder will be displayed in the department category where the menu items are located.

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