Improve seller coaching with Conversation intelligence


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End users by admins, makers, or analysts - Oct 2019

Business value

Customer conversations are a critical part of the sales cycle, directly contributing to sales and revenue generation. Conversation intelligence offers a seamless and automated process for analyzing conversations across multiple channels to ensure quality is monitored and improved over time.

Feature details

  • Emotion and brand detection: New AI models for emotion detection provide granularity to understand customer sentiments during calls. Brand detection helps to discover new products and brands that customers are talking about in sales calls.

  • Timely insights: Assistant in the app continuously provides unique and timely insights.

  • Natural language Q&A: Data exploration of sales and conversational data offers an opportunity to ask simple questions in English and to dynamically receive reports that address these questions.

  • Analyze seller behaviors: Analysis of top seller behaviors empowers managers to understand common patterns leading to positive sales outcomes.

  • Cross-channel and sales KPIs: Highlight valuable information leading to win/loss in sales, across the team, out of the box.

  • Conversation review: A detailed view of conversations, surfacing areas that are effective versus those that are unsuccessful, highlighting brand mentions and gaps where sellers can benefit from coaching.

Sales coaching journey

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