System-directed cluster picking


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts August 2019 October 2019

Feature details

With system-directed cluster picking, pick work headers are clustered based on a system-generated cluster. The system will cluster picking orders up to the number of positions specified on the cluster profile. This feature is an alternative to manual cluster building where the system uses a cluster profile to create clusters. The cluster profile elaborates on "Number of positions," which corresponds to the number of orders included in a cluster and consequently to the number of totes; "Break cluster at" determines when the cluster should be broken; "Generate cluster ID" controls whether the cluster ID will be generated by the system or entered by the user; and "Sort verification type" determines whether any position verification is needed or not. The warehouse workers will automatically be presented with a created cluster where picking orders have been pre-assigned to cluster positions. The worker can pick an item for multiple work orders by visiting the pick location only once, as with user-directed cluster picking.