One Version – Auto-update for Retail Cloud Scale Unit


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically Feb 2020 Feb 2020

Business value

This feature will alleviate the need for IT professionals in a retail organization to manually apply updates. Auto-updates will enable customers to always be up to date with the latest system improvements and features.

Feature details

This feature will enable auto-update for Retail Cloud Scale Units. You can choose from one of three delivery mechanisms for auto-updating Retail Cloud Scale Units:

  • Scheduled updates: Retail Cloud Scale Units, along with the rest of the environment, are updated on a scheduled monthly basis.

  • Early access: If you opt in to this program, you will get early access to updates and will have the ability to manually update Retail Cloud Scale Units before the scheduled auto-update time.

  • First release: If you opt in to this program, your Retail Cloud Scale Units, along with the rest of the environment, will be auto-updated as soon as the monthly release is available. You will not be able to specify an update schedule if you opt in to the First release program.

This feature will not include auto-update capability for components installed in-store, such as Modern point of sale (MPOS), Retail Store Scale Unit, or hardware station.