Store Scale Unit improvements


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Business value

A Retail Store Scale Unit provides a retailer with an in-store (on-premises) deployment option to help ensure uptime and reduce latency in locations with connectivity and network infrastructure issues. It is important that this scale unit maintains reliability and security at all times. To fulfill this need, it is critical for the usage of the scale unit to continue when connectivity is limited or nonexistent.

Feature details

This feature has been supported for many releases now and has been used by many retailers worldwide. However, there are some design limitations that prohibit the use of the scale unit as needed. This investment reduces the dependency a Retail Store Scale Unit has with back-office (headquarters) connectivity when renewing authentication tokens, while still maintaining security. This functionality will allow point of sale (POS) to function in cross-terminal scenarios even when the back office is not available, providing greater offerings and depths of hybrid-style deployments.