Simplified lead management experience


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Enabled for Public preview General availability Early Access
End users, automatically October 2019 Yes

Business value

To help our customers maximize productivity, we are introducing improvements across top scenarios related to lead management.

Feature details

Top scenarios include:

  • Autopopulate contact and/or company-related fields when a sales rep selects an existing contact and/or account at the creation of a new lead.
  • Display notes and attachments captured by a sales rep when promoting a lead in the opportunity record after the lead is qualified.
  • Enable sales reps to qualify leads and quickly move to the next stage of the sales cycle: optionally create opportunity, account, or contact records based on the organization-level settings configured by the admin for the lead creation experience. The default setting would be Yes, which would automatically create an account, contact, and opportunity when qualifying a lead.

Options while qualifying a lead


This feature is available in both the legacy web client and Unified Interface.

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