Outbound sorting

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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Jun 3, 2019 This feature is released. Jan 17, 2020

Feature details

Pallet building offers the ability to sort packed containers to a correct pallet after the packing station and to build a packing hierarchy. Such pallets can later be moved to the correct staging location with a single work order capturing all packed containers. The warehouse worker has the freedom to choose which pallet the packed container should be put to, the maximum number of boxes a pallet can have, and how many pallets are needed in any given scenario.

A container packing policy and a sorting location profile are introduced, which together offer greater flexibility in handling packed containers from the packing station. Different consolidation criteria are introduced—after the user has assigned a criterion for each destination pallet, all subsequent packed containers will be guided to the matching pallet, and the worker must confirm only the put step of the work order. When the pallet is full, the pallet position is closed, and it can be moved as a single unit. This means faster handling and better overview of containers because it reduces the necessary steps for movement of packed containers within the warehouse. This feature does not use containerization processes when merging containers to a pallet, but it extends the existing container group license plate functionality. The pallet content list can therefore not be printed via this enhancement. This feature is subject to change as it is integrated with existing system features.

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