Improved inbound and outbound inventory operations in store

Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Feb 3, 2020 This feature is released. May 1, 2020

Business value

This feature will improve the point of sale (POS) application by adding new operations to allow the user to receive inventory and create or fulfill transfer orders. These new operations are designed to improve user productivity and data processing reliability.

Feature details

This feature will create new user interfaces in point of sale (POS) to support workflows common to store inventory receiving and transfer order creation and transfer order fulfillment scenarios. A new Inbound operation and a new Outbound operation will be available to add to screen layouts. They should replace the existing Picking/receiving POS operation.

The new operations will have optimized user interfaces for bar code scanning that will provide an easier way to view items on the related inbound/outbound documents. Additional features will also be added to enhance and validate data being entered to ensure smooth processing and error handling when posting receipts or shipments from POS back to Commerce Headquarters (HQ).

An asynchronous document framework was also added. This framework allows users to post receipts or outbound transfer shipments to HQ for efficient processing. This functionality eliminates previous time-out issues and processing errors that occurred in the legacy picking/receiving operation when users attempted to post large documents to HQ.

This feature is available for preview and use in sandbox/training environments in Commerce version 10.0.9. It will be further stabilized in Commerce version 10.0.10. We recommend you consider adding these new operations to your POS layout in a production environment after version 10.0.10. The legacy Picking/receiving operation will no longer be an investment area for the product; therefore, we recommend a transition from the Picking/receiving operation to the Inbound and Outbound operation.

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