Improved job card device

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Business value

Providing a single integrated user experience where shop floor workers can effectively manage production jobs can help to improve effectiveness and efficiency and help reduce error rates. Capturing accurate data about production activities also enables manufacturers to increase productivity, decrease scrap and defect ratios, reduce work-in-progress, and improve throughput.

Feature details

We are enhancing the job card device by adding capabilities that have so far been available only on the job card terminal. This will provide shop floor workers with a more intuitive and touch-friendly experience toward managing production jobs. Enhancements include:

  • Improvements to the user interface of the Report progress dialog box, which will provide a more intuitive, touch-friendly, and workflow-driven experience.
  • The ability to print labels for license plates when using a mobile device to report as finished.

These enhancements to the job card device represent the first steps toward renewing the manufacturing execution capabilities and delivering a single, integrated, touch-friendly experience that integrates time, attendance, and job management. It will also eventually bring together internet of things (IoT) and sensor data, work instructions, quality management, and asset maintenance jobs.

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