Usability improvements for personalization and filtering

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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Jul 3, 2020 -

Feature details

The ability for customers and users to tailor their user experience so that it is optimized for their needs is extremely important for achieving maximum customer satisfaction. A continued focus on improving the usability of personalization and adding capabilities so that users can create the views they need is vital for broad uptake of personalization.

Filtering is one of the most common and important foundational features of the user interface and affects most users and business scenarios. Being able to find data easily is critical to user success and satisfaction. Investments in this area will be of use to nearly every user of the system.

These improvements will come incrementally over the course of the release wave. Check back for updates on specific improvements and when they will be available.


Added the ability to designate fields as mandatory via personalization through the property window (right-click on an element and then select Personalize).


Added a new Require mode to the personalization toolbar to allow fields to be designated as mandatory.

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