Customer feedback management solution template


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Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically - Apr 2020

Business value

Customer experience is one of the primary differentiators that businesses can exert control over. Some analysts predict that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator.

Forms Pro enables organizations to measure customer experience across channels, analyze customer feedback, share the insights with relevant people in the organization, and take timely action to close the loop with customers.

Feature details

  • Survey templates: Forms Pro now includes survey templates that you can customize to meet your specific business needs.
  • Integrated customer satisfaction insights dashboard: The template includes a full dashboard that integrates survey results with customer records in Common Data Service. -Timely follow-up actions: The template includes a follow-up workflow that automatically notifies you of customers' negative sentiments or detractor Net Promotor Scores, so you can follow up on the feedback in a timely manner.

Customer satisfaction daily report

Customer satisfaction dashboard

Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction workflow

Template for customer service feedback survey questions

Template for customer service feedback workflows

Template for customer service feedback reports