Access Dynamics 365 Guides content through Common Data Service entities

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Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically - This feature is released. Apr 28, 2020

Business value

Easy and reliable access to Dynamics 365 Guides data so that customers and partners can connect it to their digital enterprise ecosystems.

Feature details

Dynamics 365 Guides stores all content (instructions, text, pictures, videos, and 3D models) in Common Data Service. To provide better access to this content, we are moving this data to a set of Common Data Service entities that define the data structures the content is stored in. Using the Common Data Service API, customers and partners will be able to read and write these content entities, push and pull content to and from Dynamics 365 Guides, and build custom integrations. For example, a system integrator will be able to build an app in Power Apps that reads Dynamics 365 Guides content and displays it on a mobile device for expert workers who don’t have access to a HoloLens.

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