Operators can use any previously opened guides on HoloLens when offline

Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users, automatically - This feature is released. Jul 7, 2020

Business value

This feature enables operators to do their work in low- or no-internet environments, such as a factory floor or when on field service calls.

Feature details

When an operator opens a guide on HoloLens, the guide will be downloaded to the device automatically. If the operator loses their internet connection or if they have a poor connection, the HoloLens app will automatically switch to Offline mode, and a banner at the top of the instruction card will inform the operator that they’re offline.

When offline, any guide that’s available for offline use will appear under the All tab, which shows previously opened guides for that device and user.

Power BI dashboards have also been updated to include data created when a device is online and offline. The offline data appears as soon as a device is back online.

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