Vendor invoice automation – tracking the invoice received date


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Nov 6, 2020 Jan 2021

Business value

Tracking the date that an invoice was received lets accounts payable professionals analyze the amount of time it takes to process a vendor invoice. The date received provides a measurement of the efficiency in the organization, based on how long it takes from the time the invoice arrives until it's posted. Effectively managing the time it takes to process an invoice can help lead to more timely invoice payments.

Feature details

The invoice received date is the date that the company received the invoice from the vendor. It provides a starting point for tracking the invoice's progress.

The invoice received date can be included in the imported data for a vendor invoice. For invoices that were created manually, you can specify the invoice received date. If the received date isn't entered, the date will default to today's date.