Enhanced knowledge articles editing and view experience


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Enabled for Public preview Early access General availability
End users, automatically - This feature is released. Aug 3, 2020 Oct 2020

Business value

Collapsible sections help authors nest content effectively. The ability to nest content in articles enables agents to easily scan longer articles to find the most relevant sections quickly, which helps them better serve customers. The addition of five other editor plug-ins will help improve the knowledge editing experience.

Feature details

Key highlights of this feature include:

  • Knowledge authors can easily create a collapsible section consisting of a header and a body in a knowledge article.

  • Knowledge consumers can expand and collapse these sections to display or hide the content.

  • In the knowledge base editor, knowledge authors can easily use superscript, subscript, text direction from left-to-right (LTR), right-to-left (RTL), and remove formatting functionality.

    Improvements to the modern design experience include the Change Div container, Embed media, and Anchor icons. On the preview tab, the warning message that states, "This content was not generated by Microsoft and may not be secure...." has been removed.

  • In the knowledge search control, the interaction icons (for example, link article to entity, email articles, and copy URL) are updated with the modern design experience.

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