Handle price list exceptions with Allow Updating Defaults


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Users, automatically Dec 23, 2020 Jan 11, 2021

Business value

Almost every business has its own approach to pricing its products or services. Therefore, Business Central must provide as much flexibility in defining and updating price lists as possible. Although it's easy to set prices that follow certain rules, there can be exceptions to those rules. This capability gives greater flexibility in creating and maintaining price list exceptions.

Feature details

You can now select the Allow Updating Defaults check box on the Sales Price List or Purchase Price List pages to enable users to change the values in columns such as Applies-to Type, Applies-to No., Currency Code, Starting Date, and Ending Date, when they must add an exception to a price list.

For example, a company prepares a year-end price list with a starting date in November and an ending date in December for items with high turnover during the holiday season. However, some items on the price list will have a special price only for the last two weeks of December. The sales manager can choose a Starting Date in November and an Ending Date in December on the header of the price list. However, knowing that there are exceptions to this rule, the manager can choose Allow Updating Defaults to allow people to change, for example, the starting and ending dates on the price list lines. This lets the sales manager avoid having to create separate price lists for exceptions. However, if exceptions have a business process that requires a separate price list, the sales manager can also create one for them.

Sales Price List with Allow Updating Defaults check box enabled


You need to enable Feature Update: New sales pricing experience in Feature Management to use this capability.

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