Pages with FactBoxes are more responsive

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End users, automatically This feature is released. Jul 31, 2020 This feature is released. Oct 1, 2020

Business value

Users can start viewing and interacting with page content quicker.

Feature details

We've optimized how and when FactBoxes are loaded to give priority to the primary content of the page. With this optimized design:

  • Content on the hosting page displays first, followed by any visible FactBoxes in the order in which they are shown on the page.
  • FactBoxes continue to run within the same session unless a developer has explicitly implemented a page background task for a FactBox.
  • If the FactBox pane is collapsed, no FactBoxes are run upon opening the page. Instead, they are run on-demand when the FactBox pane is expanded.
  • Any FactBoxes that are not currently within view in the browser are run when they are scrolled into view.

A list page with the FactBox pane expanded and displaying multiple FactBoxes

Try it now

Experience the updated loading experience by signing in to your Insider Build and navigating to a page having multiple FactBoxes, such as the Users page at https://YourBusinessCentralServer/?page=9800

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